Who are the minimum wage earners?

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Who are minimum wage earners?
On January 3, 2000 Senator Ted Kennedy asked Vice President Al Gore if he would advocate the minimum wage on his campaign trail for President. Kennedy told him, “This is a women’s issue because the majority of minimum wage earners are women. It’s a children’s issue. It’s a civil rights issue. It’s a fairness issue.”
Fourteen years later the minimum wage is still an issue fraught with heated arguments pro and con. Let’s take a look at both sides of the fence but first think about your own town and the people in it that work behind the cash registers in fast food and retail stores alike. Are they mostly women? Are they teens making money on their first job experience? Are they retirees keeping busy? Well, what do you see right in your own backyard?
35 million Americans make minimum wage, three quarters…

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