Why do we Celebrate Dead People’s Birthdays?

The Cynics Workshop

If you happened to visit Google yesterday, as I do at least 37 times each day, you noticed their cute little depiction of the word Google appeared as a cartoon Julia Child.  The reason, because yesterday was Julia Child’s 100th birthday…well it would have been if she weren’t dead.  That’s the whole point…she’s dead!  Why are we celebrating her birthday?  If you’re happening around the internet today, you are starting to see Elvis (*sigh*) articles all over the place.  The reason, because today is the day Elvis died.  He’s dead people…let him go.  I get it if he died last year, it’s a moment for all the die-hard fans to remember what it was like when he was alive, how their lives were so much better, how the world was a better place to live…but do these people realize he’s been dead for 35 years?  In the year 2112, are…

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