Hitting the Rhubarb/ Rhubarb Campari Compote with Orange Peel Meringues


Big Sis Little Dish

Rhubarb Campari Compote with Orange Peel Meringues

Last month, my cousin Gary came to visit me and taught me how to make the most delicious Curried Red Lentil Salad.  Gary lives in Portland now, but grew up in Grand Prairie, Alberta which is very far North in my book.  I know.  I know, there are many places in Canada father North than Grand Prairie, but Grand Prairie is the farthest North that any of my family lives.

People tend to focus, understandably, on the cold and the snow when contemplating Northern places.  However, I am always amazed by the rapidity and fierceness of the summer growth season.  The plants and creatures that can survive in that climate have adapted to do all of their growing, living and reproducing in a just a few months.  Weeds are rapacious.  Bugs arrive in apocalyptic numbers.  Northern human gardeners are wizards capable of harnessing this power and turning into a…

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