Paul’s a Sweet Pea Soup/ Farmshare cooking weeks 1 and 2

Beautiful and delicious!

Big Sis Little Dish

Paul's a Sweet Pea Soup   Our friend Paul is a sweet pea.  He is the beloved man of one of the very best people that I know (Kerthy).  He is a ridiculously good photographer and film DP.  Sometimes he takes a photo for this blog and when he does,  I get tons of compliments on how my photography is improving.    My photography is improving, however, it will be a few decades before I’m as good at it as Paul.  Paul makes legendary BBQ ribs and margaritas every summer and other delicious meats and cocktails throughout the year.  In addition to knowing how to cook, Paul is the best host I know.  When you go to his house you feel loved, cared for, listened to and well fed.  You’ve been allowed to concentrate on engaging conversation because Paul and Kerthy have taken such good care of you.  It’s impressive.

Paul's a Sweet Pea SoupPaul brought this soup to our

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