Raspberry Hibiscus Iced Tea

Refreshing! Glad I found this blog!

Pine and Crave

IMG_4154-2A.k.a., agua de jamaica, a beautifully vibrant Mexican beverage that I discovered less than a week ago. A Mexican drink with no alcohol in it?! How had I never heard of this before??

I sipped my first glass at last Wednesday’s evening market at Seattle’s Pike Place Market—I was very excited to find out that they do a mini version of the market during the summer, Wednesdays from 5 to 8pm out on the cobblestones.


It’s especially great for all us working stiffs who can’t get there before 5pm to grab some fresh berries…


…or a bouquet.


Anyway, there was a huge pitcher of this tea at a tamale stand, and I was immediately attracted by the color—an intense hot pink that almost registered as red.


As I had my first taste, I was expecting to get big hits of that flowery-ness you usually get from herbal teas, but I was…

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