Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy

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Margaret of York Margaret of York

Margaret of York, sister to two kings of England, made one of the most brilliant marriages of her century. When she became a childless widow, she managed to settle into a comfortable, wealthy life and to have a principal role in Burgundian government for her husband’s heirs until her death at the age of fifty seven.

Margaret was born on May 3, 1446 either at Fotheringay Castle or Waltham Abbey during the War of the Roses. Her father was Richard, Duke of York and her mother was Cecily Neville. Richard had a strong claim to the throne of England but his position at court was tenuous. He would openly rebel against the Lancastrian King Henry VI, making York family life unstable. Richard didn’t get much support for his claim and he was to die in the Battle of Wakefield in 1460.

Most of the time between…

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