A DIY Wedding Menu for 100 guests…. if your friends and family rock

Inspired me for my 60th Birthday Party!

Big Sis Little Dish

On August 20th Chris and I got married.  The wedding was on Gabriola Island in British Columbia, not to far from where I spent my early childhood on the coast.  It takes a bit of effort to get there.  Our friends and family from New York, Tennessee, Virginia, Alberta, inland BC, Portland, Seattle, Texas, Detroit and Maine all had to travel by ferry or sea plane to get to the wedding.  Luckily it was a very beautiful spot and worth the effort.  We had rented a property on the ocean with an old lodge and a number of very basic cedar cabins where nearly 50 of our guests stayed for four days.  Another 50 guests travelled to the wedding for the day or stayed nearby on the island.

Our wedding was do it your self.  Before anyone arrived, Chris and I foraged for wild plums on the island with…

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