Mini Apple Crumble Pies

This is tiny and tasty!

Pine and Crave

Happy Mini Apple PiesApple pie makes me…well, I think you can guess. (And the same goes for miniature-sized things!) It’s my favorite of ALL the pies and my go-to during the holidays—I am responsible for making it at Thanksgiving and Christmas in my family, while my dad makes almost literally everything else. (My sister, my mom, and I can usually be found giggling in the living room.)

For this recipe, I wanted to create a version that would work at a pre-holiday, fall cocktail party—so I was thinking, tiny and fancy-looking. Enter: mini cheesecake tins!

I love these because they are really easy to get the pies out of (there is a loose circle piece that sets inside each cup over a small hole in the bottom, so you can use your finger to push the little pies up), and the cylinder shape is quite classy.

I’m also a big fan of…

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